February 24, 2013

DIY Big Bow Blouse!

Big Bow Blouse…Say that ten times fast!! Haha…love them tongue twisters!!  So here is another copycat from me….by now you can tell that I am obsessed with Modcloth, and when I saw this beautiful blouse, I just had to have one for myself!! (By the way, I am also selling this on my etsy store,, and it would behoove you to know that Modcloth is ALL SOLD OUT of this shirt!! Boooo…okay here is  Modcloth’s version:


And here is my version:


So what do you think?  Pretty cute, huh?  I love it.  I want to wear it everyday.  Did I say I love it?  🙂

Would you like to know how I did it??  Okay, here goes!!

Materials you will need:

  • 1 1/2 yards of Soft cotton blend or cotton knit (anything with a soft drape that is not too stiff or bulky.
  • Scissors
  • Coordinating thread
  • and sewing machine, of course!


First, you will cut out your pieces…For the bodice, find an old shirt that fits you well, and put that on top of your material (which is folded in half with the stretch going horizontally), and cut around your shirt, leaving at least a one inch seam allowance. 



Next, fold your shirt in half lengthwise, to make sure that your shirt is even, and snip it where it looks like it doesn’t match up. 


Make sure you do not cut the neckline too low, as you want the bow to sit above your bust, otherwise it might look funny.  Once you sew it all together, I recommend trying it on to make sure the neckline is where you want it to be.  Remember you can always cut it lower, but you cannot make it higher again!

Now you will need to cut out the pieces for the bow.  These measurements will be dependent on how large you want your bow. First I cut two circles out of the polka dot fabric measuring about 6 inches across.  Then I folded each circle in half, and cut a small circle out of the middle of the circle.  You will have a donut looking shape (can you tell I LOVE donuts…makes me want a Krispy Kreme real bad…Hahaha.)  Cut through one side of the donut, and now you will the letter “C”!! 



 I then cut two rectangles measuring 10″x5″, and one more rectangle measuring 4″x6″. 

Here are all the pieces for our project!


Now head on over to your sewing machine.  First, you will put your bodice pieces right sides together, and sew the shoulder seams, and up the side seams until you reach the armhole.  (Don’t sew your armhole shut, it will make it REALLY hard to wear your shirt!! Trust me, I know from experience..)  Now finish your neckline, armholes, and bottom edge.  The fabric I am using unravels a bit at the edges, but you are using a true knit fabric you may not want to finish the edges because they won’t ravel. It is up to you! I always think the neckline and arms look better finished. 🙂 So at this point your shirt should look like this!


Now for the bow!! First, I took the two “C” shapes, and pinned one end of each to the front of your bodice, just an inch under the neckline.  You can position them wherever you like, here is what mine looked like.


Next take your large rectangle, and sew it around all four sides (with 1/4″ seam allowance), making sure you leave a small, 1 inch hole somewhere on the bow.  Now turn it inside out, poke the corners so they look square, and then iron.  This will be the main part of your bow.


Next, I folded the bow in the middle, accordian-style, almost like you are making pleats, and sewed a line down the middle to keep it together.  Here is a picture to describe it better….



Take your small rectangle, fold it in half along the width, right sides together,  and sew up the non-folded longer side, creating a tube that looks like this:


Flip your tube right side out, and sew ends of the tube together, creating a ring.  Take the ring and slide it onto the main part of your bow until it is in the middle, covering up the small line you made before on the accordian style folds.  Here is your pretty bow!!  So cute, isn’t it?


Almost done….position your bow just under your neckline, covering up where you placed the ruffles. I sewed a few small tacks (which is just sewing back and forth once about an inch) first in the middle of the bow, and then at the top outside corner of the main bow part.  Okay, that sounds silly when I explain it, here is a pic to show where I did tacks.  The pins show this nicely….but if you can’t see my pins, check out where my finger is on the left, and do the tacks in the same spot on the right.

That is all, folks!!! You just made your very own Modcloth knockoff blouse!  Of course, you can always add sleeves like they did in the pic, but I prefer cap sleeves and wearing a nice blazer or cardigan over it.  To each their own! Lol.  Here are some more pics of the shirt:






Don’t forget that if you don’t feel like taking this project on, visit my etsy store, and I will make one for you!  Guaranteed great quality!




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